Turn Your Photos Into Premium Jigsaw Puzzles

Our mission and product promise go hand in hand: to provide the most diverse and highest quality puzzles. The-jigsaw wholeheartedly dedicates time and effort to creating quality photo puzzles. The high expectations of our customers motivate us to improve every puzzle piece that leaves our manufacturing facility. Many customers order our individually designed products as unique gifts for their loved ones. Therefore, professional printing and attention to detail are our top priorities.


High-Quality Wood

Our production team uses high quality 01/8in planks. This makes your photo puzzles more durable and long-lasting. Even after assembling the puzzles multiple times, your puzzles will still be fun and have a premium feel. In addition, these fragments easily withstand the intense pressure of children's hands.


Fine Surface

Our photo jigsaw puzzles have a high-quality touch and feel with our distinct matte, refined surface. Whether your puzzle is in the candlelight of your cozy living room or outside on the patio, it will not reflect light. This feature provides an enjoyable puzzling experience time and time again.


Rigorous Final Inspection

All of our photo puzzles are required to pass a meticulous final inspection. A jigsaw may only leave the production factory when it meets our high-quality standards. Therefore, each puzzle is scrutinized thoroughly by our team at the end of the production line.